If you're not familiar with the drill and are joining us for the first time, please take a moment and read this page for the "need to know."

Is this event just for women?

No, ladies AND gentlemen are participants of the event.  Come one, come all!

Do you have to wear high heels?

Again, no.  You are strongly encouraged to wear red shoes, however. Many people incorporate their shoes into their team costumes; some put on red shoes they already have, some buy a new pair, and others have been known to spray paint shoes as well.  IF YOU WEAR RED SHOES, YOU GET AN EXTRA RAFFLE TICKET.

 There is a costume contest?

Yep!  Get a team together (maximum of 10 people) and get creative! The winning team gets a great prize!

What if I don't have a team to join?

We'll hook you up with one!

Should I bring additional money?

There will be raffle and 50/50 tickets for purchase.  There will also be a lot of great silent auction items, but don't worry...we will have credit card readers for those purchases/winnings!! 🙂

Do I have to be present to claim my silent auction prize?

Affirmative, Ghost Rider.  Who wants to leave early anyhow???