Over $7,000 Raised in 2018!

Do you need a reason to kick back and enjoy a fun night out? Join us and have a lot of fun, all for the sake of doing good for the community!

The High Heel Hunt is High Hopes in High Heels’ fun event hosted for adults. This year is our 7th annual event and we hope to exceed last year’s expectations in terms of how much:

a) FUN we have; and
b) money we raise.

In 2018, we were thrilled to raise over $7,000 in proceeds which went directly to our beneficiary and back to High Hopes in High Heels to be distributed among our other charitable activities and beneficiaries throughout the year. Let’s make this year an even more successful event!

We’ve also expanded our reach by offering sponsorship opportunities for the event to local businesses in the community who would like to extend their hands, hearts, and laughter to a greater cause. If you, or someone you know, may be interested in participating in a sponsorship activity, please let us know.

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